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When you have successfully completed the ARD, the final step is expungement. We appreciate the desire to erase past mistakes through the process of expungement.

Best Pittsburgh, PA DUI-DWI Attorneys | Super Lawyers

There are many benefits that can result. Potential employers often make criminal record checks. Educational institutions, insurance companies and others may access your criminal record when you are seeking opportunities through them. Following expungement, your public record will no longer show arrests, acquittals or some minor convictions. Don't let the past hinder your future. Let us help you clean the slate legally. Contact a Pittsburgh expungement attorney at our firm today for help with expungements.

What is the legal limit to be considered driving under the influence in the State of Pennsylvania?

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Expungements, Pardons, and Sealed Records

Practice Areas. Skip to content Free Initial Meeting. Expunging Your Record We are not currently handle expungements. The information below is providing a starting point for investigation on this topic, as you should contact an attorney on this subject to know if your record can be expunged. What is a "Criminal Record"?

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You have a criminal record the moment you are charged with summary offense minor infraction , misdemeanor, or felony, regardless of whether you are convicted. A criminal record is something the public can see. Pittsburgh Lawyers Contact our Pittsburgh law firm any time for matters other than expunging a record.

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All criminal charges -- even in the absence of a guilty plea or conviction -- remain a matter of public record until a motion for expungement has been filed in the Department of Court Records, Criminal Division, and is granted by an order of court from the Court of Common Pleas. There are several reasons why a person may want to expunge his criminal record. Your future opportunities may hinge on what shows upon a criminal background check.

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Likewise, a pre-requisite to renting an apartment,or joining any number of groups, may require a clean background check. Before her hair salon on Main Street found success, she struggled to find a job because she had a criminal record.

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Her story, and many others like it, prompted a new law in Pennsylvania that helps ex-offenders get back into the workforce. There are two ways to search.

The first is the most common, and often used by employers checking up on current and potential employees and private investigators to ascertain a criminal record in Pennsylvania. Its p urpose is to better enable individuals and the public to obtain criminal history record checks. The other method is free; it involves searching the court's database for "magisterial docket sheets," to see every charge against an individual in Pennsylvania, county-by-county.

This, unlike the State Police search above , does not produce a "certified" result. Plus, searching the portal can be tricky; user error filling in fields incorrectly can you to miss a record that others might see through a state police search. What is an Expungment?

Expungement Lawyers in Pittsburgh

An expungement is a formal procedure through the courts -- started via petition filed under penalty of perjury -- to eliminate a record from public view. See also this particular link for the legislative text regarding cleaning a record in PA. Expungement shall not occur until the certification from the court is received and the director of the repository authorizes such expungement; 2 a court order requires that such nonconviction data be expunged; or 3 a person 21 years of age or older who has been convicted of a violation of section relating to purchase, consumption, possession or transportation of liquor or malt or brewed beverages , which occurred on or after the day the person attained 18 years of age, petitions the court of common pleas in the county where the conviction occurred seeking expungement and the person has satisfied all terms and conditions of the sentence imposed for the violation, including any suspension of operating privileges imposed pursuant to section Upon review of the petition, the court shall order the expungement of all criminal history record information and all administrative records of the Department of Transportation relating to said conviction.

What Records Can Be Expunged? Generally speaking, any charge that is withdrawn or dismissed can be expunged. No conviction could be expunged. Note that completion of the ARD program is not a conviction; rather, ARD is an administrative program which, if completed successfully, dismisses your charges. Let's look at both of these changes in detail: Cleaning Summary Convictions. Your lawyer will need to obtain: 1.

Pennsylvania DUI – First Arrest

A current certified record indicating that the petitioner has not had any arrests, charges or convictions for a minimum of five 5 years since the conviction of the Summary offense for which the expungement is requested. This record check is performed by the Pennsylvania State Police, mentioned above. A certified record indicating that the petitioner has fully paid all fines, costs and restitution for all convictions of record.

Cleaning Non-violent Misdemeanor Convictions. Do I Need a Lawyer? Overcoming Opposition to the Petition. The district attorney has discretion to challenge a petition to expunge one's criminal record. In the majority of cases, no challenge will occur. That said, regarding certain kinds of charges such as those for sexual assault , the DA may actually scrutinize the petition. There are other instances where a petition for expungment will be challenged by the DA or court where, for example, you violated your bail conditions regarding charges that were later dismissed.

In the event that your case gets scheduled for a hearing, your lawyer will help ensure that there are no problems in court.