Fox news and obama birth certificate

Obama’s Long-Form Birth Certificate
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  3. 10 conspiracy theories that turned Fox News into the Donald Trump Channel (commentary)
  4. Report: Trump continues to question Obama's birth certificate

For completeness here is the form linked by Debbie Schlussel that indicates the firm was withdrawn. Arpaio showed this when he used the registration card for two other guys who registered at the same post office. Regarding the authenticity of SSS Form 1 the registration card. Magnification failed to clearly distinguish the years.

So, if Schlussel findings are correct, Obama could not have completed the Form 1 using the OBM control number because that form was never issued? That date was peculiar because it preceded his request by almost a month. In fact it was not mailed to SS until late October Just like the Selective Service System, Obama documents may not be viewed. Thanks for your article. It is noteworthy.

Indeed, you covered a lot of material. It is full of a great deal of information and evidence.

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Posting and sharing info and evidence is productive, but other efforts are needed for progress. The Obama birth certificate gets all the headlines but the evidence showing the Selective Service registration card is a forgery is extensive and convincing and needs to be discussed. On September 7, , retired Homeland Security Special Agent Jeffrey Coffman viewed a television program interview in which then Senator Barack Obama claimed he registered for Selective Service when he graduated from high school in Hawaii.


Coffman knew Obama graduated from high school in and the Selective Service registration requirements were not re-instituted until So for Obama to have registered in was not possible. Coffman emailed the information sss. However, I did confirm with our Data Management Center that he is, indeed, registered with the Selective Service System, in compliance with Federal law.

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  • Sincerely, Janice L. On Oct. The computer printout revealed a single transaction date of Sept. Coffman reviewed these documents and noted several concerns. First, the signature of the registrant Obama was dated July 30, , but the United States Postal Service Cancellation stamp indicated the date received was the previous day, July 29, It only displayed two digits for the year 80 instead of four digits Army to , he had been a unit mail clerk.

    As a result, he was familiar with postal regulations and procedures.

    - The Washington Post

    It was his understanding the inserts for Postal Cancellation stamps were always four digits for the year, not two. He had never seen a two-digit insert for a year stamp.

    CNN: Donald Trump to vet Obama's birth certificate

    In consideration -- in consideration of this very good promise of transparency, why can't the president respond to the petitioned request of , American citizens by releasing a certified copy of his long-form birth certificate, listing hospital, physician [inaudible] -- , The state of Hawaii provided a copy, with a seal, of the president's birth. I know there are apparently at least , people that continue to doubt the existence of and the certification by the state of Hawaii of the president's birth there.

    But it's on the Internet, because we put it on the Internet, for each of those , to download. It is racially tinged.

    2020 Elections

    It is a damaging subject. When I saw the green border, the Photoshop border around the birth certificate, I said wait a minute. This thing isn't a pure copy from a book, a ledger from Hawaii. This thing has been altered.

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    • Someone's playing with it. Once that came out, I said we have to at least ask the question Juan.

      10 conspiracy theories that turned Fox News into the Donald Trump Channel (commentary)

      That's all. We're not claiming it is ill legit whatever, but someone is playing around with this document. And it's funny, because this is an issue that I get a lot of calls on from time to time and we -- and what we talk about is the fact that a certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate. It isn't the original document.

      Report: Trump continues to question Obama's birth certificate

      For the foregoing reasons, it is my opinion that LTC Lakin's request for discovery relating to the President's birth record in Hawaii is absolutely essential to determining not merely his guilt or innocence but to reassuring all military personnel once and for all for this President whether his service as Commander in Chief is Constitutionally proper.

      He is the one single person in the Chain of Command that the Constitution demands proof of natural born citizenship. This determination is fundamental to our Republic, where civilian control over the military is the rule. According to the Constitution, the Commander is Chief must now, in the face of serious -- and widely-held -- concerns that he is ineligible, either voluntarily establish his eligibility by authorizing release of his birth records or this court must authorize their discovery.

      The invasion of his privacy is utterly trivial compared to the issues at stake here. Our military MUST have confidence their Commander in Chief lawfully holds his office and absent which confidence grievous consequences may ensue. Is this man a legitimate American? Is he a legitimate president?