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He's putting out good positive messages to young people and old people. Put that through your system and just blow it up. It wasn't like regular hip hop. Much of Public Enemy's music is deadly serious. But there's an anarchic sense of humour that permeates much of what the band do as well. Not only does Chuck D possess a profound intellect, he's also quick witted. And he never seems shy to have a bit of fun when in the media spotlight. For people to truly live together, they gotta straighten out a lot of things that aren't touched upon.

Flava Flav's approach is even more flippant. He has a chaotic, rebellious approach when talking to the media, but his jovial nature makes it more charming than annoying. In , triple j's Andy Glitre went straight to the question so many people yearned to ask Flav; what's with that clock around his neck? It's all that we got that's guaranteed to us. Time is guaranteed to bring you in and guaranteed to take you out.

Eminem: 50 Greatest Songs – Rolling Stone

What we see going around us that's kinda foul. Public Enemy knew the key to peace was understanding. But understanding can only come through knowledge, and knowledge makes some people uncomfortable. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that black people in the United States are disoriented. Why we're trying to get back up the staircase. We don't know as much about our culture as we should. A lot of the books and the documents have been hidden. The band are more traditionally musically talented than you might expect.

Flava Flav is reportedly proficient in 15 instruments.

As is the case with most ground breaking musicians, Public Enemy's musical influence comes from all over the place. Going all the way up to rock; Led Zeppelin, Seals and Croft.

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I listen to a lot of classical music too. The band knew what they were rapping about too. This was the life they were living. The longer my man laid there, the more he bled. This well-chosen, single-disc PE best-of highlights the band's power, vitality, and invention but is no substitute for their early studio albums. There's something almost inherently wrong with learning hip-hop history rather than living through it.

Like most youthful rap devotees, I'm a hyper-cognizant, Mix Hut-hoarding zombie, searching out the newest chipmunk loop or broken drum break, learning as I go, collecting knowledge, filing production credits on the regular. But perspective is missing from most young-folk rap criticism today. The productions can be creaky or the vocals poorly mixed. There are titans Marley Marl and Paul C. We're in the midst of a pop progressives era, thanks to the likes of Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, and Timbaland-- mainstream men literally pushing harder than the next to find the most curious, throttling sounds to ground a pop record.

Right now, someone like Grandmaster Flash, while noble and significant, sounds staid. Public Enemy remain one of the few acts that can stand up to the sonic innovations of those dudes-- and in most cases still eclipse them. When I first started devouring the P.

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The shit still can't be touched. Still, there's really no sense in compiling a Public Enemy greatest hits. They are a classic "albums" band, full of songs that crash into each other with force, amelodic glory spilling into James Brown's chopped-up yelps and shouts.

Complete List of Songs

It was done once before with 's pitiful Universal Masters Collection, a poorly constructed quickie cash-in. This is what we know. On Friday, Aug. Unfortunately, one fan or nemesis has probably ruined things for everyone. Just days after the listening season —the entire tracklist for Lover has allegedly leaked online.

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A random Twitter account called TracklistLover surfaced out of nowhere. Brendon Urie of Panic! Obviously, Swifties are not having it!

I have done my research and she is breaking British laws about copyright. Oh sis you got a big storm coming. We are gonna raise hell. The account was suspended almost immediately. However, in their meltdowns—Swifties kind of confirmed this is indeed the tracklist. Now, someone has hopped on Reddit to confirm the list as well.

Public Enemy He Got Game

They also claim that order of the tracklist is also wrong since Taylor played the songs out of order at the listening session. It's widely believed that this lyric is a direct reference to Swift's ongoing feud with West and Kardashian. The "second chance" she sings about might refer to Swift and West's surprising friendship after he infamously interrupted her speech at the Video Music Awards.

Fast-forward seven years and Swift came under fire after Kardashian posted a Snapchat video of the Reputation singer and West talking about his song "Famous" on the phone.

Arch Enemy Reveal Tracklisting for Upcoming Covers Album Release

The video came after Swift claimed that she had never heard the song nor was told that West was going to call her "that bitch" in it. Swift's mention of a mind-twisted phone call is likely a reference to the now-famous Snapchat video. It's no secret that Perry and Swift have been embroiled in a feud for years. Though several fans have claimed that Swift told them that Tom Hiddleston was her last boyfriend before her current one, Joe Alwyn , there is a lot of evidence leading listeners to believe that this lyric references the time between Swift's relationships with Harris and Alwyn.

Many believe that the "club" lyric references Harris's career as a DJ, who frequents nightclubs for performances. Likewise, Harris is five years older than Swift, while Alwyn is two years younger. Many also believe that Alwyn and Swift met at the Met Gala, which they both attended.