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How to Answer What is your Ambition in Life Interview Question - WiseStep

Here you will have a great deal of company. As you follow your own ambitions, you will judge yourself and others very harshly, calling this group winners and that group losers, this group good and that group bad, all the while trying to be in the winning group. To choose a different way, you must first stop—stop the ceaseless striving to have this, to be that, to attain this and to avoid that.

You must stop driving yourself and be still for a time until you can sense that there is a different direction for you to go.

Dealing with Ambition

This begins a period of critical fusion. For quite a while you will be wandering about in the desert, so to speak, not certain where you are going or what you are doing. Yet, you are actually going somewhere if you do not interfere. The true way is not the way of personal ambition, so it defies definition. Everyone who has traveled this way has gone through a period of wandering about, bumping into things, uncertain of where they are going and why they are going there. Nobody can map this part of the journey.

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In light of your former ambitions and all of the standards and values that went with them, you may appear quite foolish—stupid and foolish, like a lost soul. But you are not lost. You are not nearly as lost as you were before, when you were struggling with yourself every day, beating yourself into submission to have and to do and to be all those things that you thought were necessary for your happiness.

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You were lost then, for you were not available to Knowledge. Even if you valued honesty, you could not be fully honest with yourself before because you could not sense your deeper inclinations. You could only misrepresent yourself to yourself and to others. Now you feel more honest but less certain. Now perhaps you feel more connected to yourself, but you will have fewer definitions by which to live. This is a time not to make a great many decisions. This is a time to remain open and maintain a simple life—simple employment and simple involvements.

This is the time to stay out of a primary relationship if you are single. This is a time to refrain from changing a primary relationship if you are in one. This is a time of internal re-evaluation. But it is not a mental process. As you wander around, or seemingly so, you will actually find over time that you are following a certain direction and that there are certain clues along the way and little guides and things that are helping you.

Though your way is still ill defined and seemingly incomprehensible, you are actually moving in a certain direction. The mistake that people make here is that they try to bring their ambitions into the situation. Now they think that they are going to achieve spiritual heights. Now they think that they are going to have spiritual relationships.

Now they think that they are going to have spiritual wealth, spiritual power and spiritual prestige. When this happens, people redefine themselves all over again and are lost. Now they are doubly lost, for they think they are doing something very genuine when in fact they are just acting out their ambitions once again. It is more difficult now to recognize this because everything can seem very edifying.

But it is no different from the person who is out to make a million dollars. It just looks more edifying, and so it is more difficult to realize it is but another form of self-deception. If you can keep ambition at bay and remain in a state of unknowing and uncertainty, then your way will be revealed, and you will slowly follow it.

As you continue, you will recognize that you are following a certain direction and that you are going there for purposes that you can experience even if you cannot yet define them. You will also realize that you are not traveling alone, for companions will come to join you. If you can refrain from ambition and self-definition here, then you will move more powerfully, and Knowledge within you will increasingly become a source of guidance, inspiration and protection that you can experience. Without your attempt to harness and direct your life, Knowledge will emerge. It simply means that you are attending to something greater.

Here you take your former self-determination and apply it to your desire to have Knowledge and to live a life of greater truth. That is the commitment. If this is being followed honestly and sincerely and if you are willing to work for it, then you will be able to generate sufficient energy to move forward on the Path of Knowledge. During this transitional time, everything becomes redefined. This is a period when you must find freedom from your own self-definitions, which is a very real kind of freedom. You must become free of all your beliefs and assumptions about the world and about other people and free of all the judgments and grievances that attend them.

This is a freedom you can experience. Only here, once you have traveled sufficiently in this direction, can you begin to really see that ambition is a form of personal hell for people.

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  • Whether they win or lose in their great pursuits, there is little joy, little empathy with life, little affinity with others and little satisfaction. It all comes to look very tragic. As you travel in The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, you will see, particularly in the lives of others who inspire you, that great things are achieved when people are allowing a greater Knowledge to emerge within them and are combining that with practical skills in their field of endeavor.

    This produces something of lasting value. Their activity consumed them, but in a different way. You see that sometimes they achieved some rewards and recognition for their accomplishments, but often they did not. They were following something else. They were participating in a Greater Reality to achieve something.

    The Startup

    Sometimes they produced things of practical value. Sometimes they produced only Mystery. Their personal goals were not the driving force. Their desire to do something, be something and have something was not where their power came from. That is not why they were engaged.

    Yes, in most cases some of their own personal ambitions were involved, but they were not predominant.

    4 Simple Questions To Find Your Passion

    Personal ambition has never created anything of value in the world. Only a greater initiative, born of Knowledge within individuals and combined with the Knowledge of others who are working in concert with them, can produce something of greater value. There is no assurance of success.

    There is no fame, no glory and no wealth. They will not win love or money.